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Ingredients: Natural Organic Manathakkali Leaf
Other Names: The plant Solanum nigrum is commonly called as Black night shade in English, Makoi in Hindi, Kachchipandu in Telugu, Manatakkali in Tamil, Piludi in Gujarati & Kamuni in Marathi.
Direction for use: Mix one spoon (5 g) of Manathakkali Leaf powder in a glass of water, filter and drink preferably on empty stomach in the morning
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Manathakkali Leaf Powder -Fresh & Pure 2Manathakkali or Solanum nigrum is an important ingredient in traditional Indian medicine, used extensively to cure liver disorders, chronic skin ailments (psoriasis and ringworm), inflammatory conditions, painful periods, fevers, diarrhoea , eye diseases, hydrophobia, etc.

Traditional uses:

  • Manathakkali leaf is a popular remedy for treating stomach and mouth ulcers.
  • It also improves eyesight, reduces urinary infections and helps to cure constipation.
  • Rich in niacin, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Vitamin C.
  • Improves the voice, relives throat pain.
  • Helps relieve bad breath.
  • Manathakkali is known for its cooling effects on the body.

Culinary Uses: Apart from its use as a home remedy for mouth ulcers,  Manathakkali keerai is also used in cooking like spinach. In South India, the leaves and berries are routinely consumed as food in various forms like chutney, thuvaiyal, vathal, podi, rasam, kootu, kulambu, pachadi etc, cooked with tamarind, onion, and cumin seeds. The berries are referred to as “fragrant tomato.” The fruit and dish are common in Tamil Nadu (மணத்தக்காளி in Tamil), Kerala, Southern Andhra Pradesh and Southern Karnataka.

Other Uses: The juice of the plant is used on ulcers and other skin diseases. The fruits are used as a tonic, laxative, appetite stimulant; and also for treating asthma and “excessive thirst”. Traditionally the plant was used to treat tuberculosis. It is known as Peddakasha pandla koora in the Telangana region. This plant’s leaves are used to treat mouth ulcers in Tamil Nadu, India. It is known as Manathakkali keerai in Tamil Nadu and Kaachi Soppu in Karnataka. In North India, the boiled extracts of leaves and berries are also used to alleviate liver-related ailments, including jaundice. In Assam, the juice from its roots is used against asthma and whooping cough.

Manathakkali or S. nigrum is a widely used plant in oriental medicine where it is considered to be antitumorigenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, diuretic, and antipyretic.


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