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Ingredients: Natural Organic Karisalankanni herb. Other Names: Botanical Name: Eclipta prostrata, Eclipta Alba, English: False daisy, Tamil: Karisilankanni, Malayalam: Kannunni, Hindi: Bhringaraj, Kesharaj, Telugu: Galagara, Kannada: Ajagara, Bhringaraja.

Direction for use: For Adults Mix 1 spoon (5 gms) of Karisalankanni powder in honey or a glass of water and drink. Take twice a day after food.

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Copy of Lable2Karisalankanni is traditionally used as a remedy for hyper acidity, asthma, body pain, bronchitis, constipation, general weakness, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, hair fall, high blood pressure, liver enlargement, pimples, premature graying of hair, skin diseases, spleen enlargement , urinary tract infections and weakness of vision.

Karisalankanni is an excellent liver cleanser and tonic for the liver. Classical texts of Siddha and Ayurveda indicate a variety of uses for karisalankanni, considers it as tonic herb and a rejuvenator. Good for teeth, eyes, hair and overall health.

In Ayurveda, Karisalankanni is used for treating Hepatitis, Fatty Liver, Enlarged spleen and Skin disorders. Karisalankanni Improves Appetite, Digestion, Bile Secretion, Reduces Inflammation, Protects and Strengthens the Liver. The high carotene content found in this herb helps in treating night blindness and other eye diseases.

Karisalankanni (Eclipta Alba) is regarded by traditional medicinal practitioners as a valuable medicinal plant, particularly for the treatment of liver disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory tract disorders, hair loss, skin disorders, and fever. Scientific evidences have validated most of the claims of the ethnomedicinal uses, including that of treatment of snake bite with the plant.

Various important phytochemicals have been isolated and identified from the plant. These compounds include wedelolactone, eclalbasaponins, α-amyrin, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, luteolin, and apigenin. The available scientific reports indicate that these compounds can form the next generation of drugs to treat cancer, arthritis, liver diseases, hair loss, and snake bites.




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