YOGIS HERBS Vasanai Podi | Cool & Refreshing | 100% Natural | Aromatic Herbal Bath Powder


YOGIS HERBS Vasanai Podi: Experience Cool, Refreshing, 100% Natural Aromatic Herbal Bath Powder – Proven Skin Care remedy – Trusted Internationally Since 2015

Discover the secret to radiant skin with Vasanai Podi, a revered natural remedy renowned for its ability to combat various skin issues. From healing skin damage to banishing body odor, preventing infections, and soothing allergies, Vasanai Podi is your go-to solution for holistic skincare.

Regular use of Vasanai Podi improves

  • Smooth Skin texture
  • keeps the body cool
  • Improves complexion and
  • Gives a refreshing feel & fragrance.
  • Vasanai Podi is suitable for women and children.
  • Vasanai Podi is for those seeking premium quality skincare solutions. Worth Trying!
  • Vasanaipodi is sold Internationally since 2015
  • Premium Quality


Packing: 100 g (Net weight)

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YOGIS HERBS Vasanai Podi | Cool & Refreshing | 100% Natural | Aromatic Herbal Bath Powder 2Vasanai Podi (Aromatic Herbal Bath Powder) is a 100% Natural and Proven Skin Care remedy used for generations in Tamil Nadu for Bath, Beauty and Skin care.

Traditional skin and beauty care: A traditional remedy that has been used since times immemorial in Tamil Nadu as a skin fix, VasanaiPodi offers a potent blend of organic herbs, roots and flowers. Poolankizangu, Avaram poo, dried rose petals, koraikizhangu, karbogaarisi,vasambu, marikozundu, vetiver, green gram dal, orange peel, Kasturimanjal and other similar skin-loving herbs make it to the ingredients list.

Our handpicked formulation of herbs, herbs and more herbs is miles apart from chemical-laden products. No sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fillers, artificial fragrance, alcohol, silicones, parabens or noxious items. Only natural, time tested and skin friendly herbs, flowers and roots are included in VasanaiPodi

Cool and refreshing bath: How to Use –
Take adequate amount of VasanaiPodi. Add the medium of your choice – raw milk, curd or plain water. Mix till a smooth lump-free paste is formed. Use this paste instead of any soap on your face and body by massaging it gently. Leave it to dry for about 5-10 minutes. Then take a bath. Say hello to a new rejuvenated you!

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