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Ingredients: Natural Organic Avarampoo Other Names: Botanical name: Senna auriculata, English: Tanner’s Cassia, Hindi: Tarwar, Marathi: Tarwad, Kannada: Tangedi, Telugu: Tagedu, Tamil: Avaram , Gujarati: Awala, Malayalam: Avaram

Traditional Uses: Coolant, helps control Diabetes, Improves liver function, blood purifier, laxative and a natural source of anti oxidants, Gives glow to the skin and removes body odor.

Quality: We offer Fine Quality Avarampoo Powder, processed as per the GMP standards. Special care is taken to use the fresh and pure ingredients, the herbs are properly cleansed and processed as per the traditional / authoritative texts / methods to retain its natural aroma, color, taste, purity and effectiveness and maintaining the quality. Worth Trying.

Direction for use: Regular Use: For Adults Mix one tea spoon of Avarampoo powder in a glass of water and drink. Can also be taken as herbal tea or as directed by doctor. External Use: Avarampoo powder is widely used  in Tamil Nadu as external application to treats many skin problems; Can be used as face wash, hair wash and bath powder.

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Avarampoo Powder (Senna auriculata)- Fresh & Pure 2Based on the Indian medical systems of Ayurveda and Siddha, Avaram Poo is an effective remedy for controlling Diabetics. It is a is coolant, Improves liver function, Blood purifier, good laxative and a natural Source of anti oxidants. It is useful in regulating menstrual cycle. It is also a good medicine for skin related problem, gives glow to the skin, removes body odor.

Avarampoo is a naturally hydrating and cooling herb, very helpful during the hot summer months in reducing body heat and excessive thirst.

The root is used in decoctions against fevers, diabetes, diseases of urinary system and constipation. The leaves have laxative properties. The dried flowers and flower buds are used as a substitute for tea in case of diabetes patients.

It is also believed to improve the complexion in women. The powdered seed is also applied to the eye, in case of chronic purulent conjunctivitis. In Africa the bark and seeds are said to give relief in rheumatism, eye diseases, gonorrhea, diabetes and gout. The plant has been shown to have antibacterial activity in the laboratory.

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