MittiPlus – Beauty of Nature 2.0


MittiPlus - Beauty of Nature 2.0 1The return to Nature for skin care has to begin and it must begin now! With this thought in mind, we at Yogi’s Herbs are delighted to take your skin on a joyride with our unique blend of Multani Mitti and other rare exotic organic herbs, pounded finely to produce our skin-loving Mitti Plus.

Suitable for both men and women, you can conveniently time-travel to the era gone by as you smear Mitti Plus all over your body or face. Curd, rose water, raw milk or even plain water, choose whichever medium you would like to for blending. Mitti Plus is flexible!

From drawing out dirt from your skin’s innermost pores to wiping excess oil off your face, from softening rough skin to imparting a lovely, well-toned and radiant skin tone, Mitti Plus will be your skin’s best-friend in no time.

MittiPlus is an excellent natural remedy for various skin problems like acne, blemishes, pimple marks, scars, black heads, pigmentation, skin discoloration, sun tan and wrinkles. ‘Poolan kizangu’ used in MittiPlus is well known to heal skin damage, reduce body odor, prevent skin infections and allergy.

For Men What’s better, you ask? Your chemically-loaded after-shave will be replaced if you opt for Mitti Plus post shaving thanks to the coolness and brightness it will impart to your face.

With chemicals, preservatives, artificial fillers and a long list of nasties stricken off the ingredients’ list of Mitti Plus, our traditional Pre-Bath Body & Face Pack will bring back memories from your childhood where grannies would concoct skin-friendly blends of roots and herbs.

100% Natural inputs and 100% Natural output, safe for daily use and effective, you will be compelled to say, “It surely was Worth Trying” once you zero in on it.

Directions For Use –
Whatever medium you choose – raw milk, curd or water, add adequate amount of Mitti Plus to it. Mix manually till a smooth, lump-free paste is formed. Instead of using any soap, use this paste all over your body (including face) while massaging it gently. Leave it to dry for about 5-10 mins. Take a bath and welcome a fresher, calmer and more radiant you!


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Our mission is to spread awareness about the medicinal properties of these natural and safe herbs all over the world and to make it easily available through this store for all those who want to enjoy its benefits.

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