4Health is considered as the greatest wealth and Liver plays an important role in maintaining overall health and stability. Liver is also the vital organ for detoxification. When toxins get accumulated in the liver due to bad eating habits, drinking and use of excess medicines, it is very important to treat or detoxify the organ for effective working and good health.

Treating your body with herbs is the safest way to ensure recovery from ailments that weakens the body. Among the various herbs that treats and cures liver disease, Keezhanelli (Phyllanthus Nirruri) is considered as one of the most important plant in the Indian Ayurvedic system. The herb is extensively used to treat and cure diseases related to liver and other organs of the body.


  1. Keezhanelli is used as an effective remedy to cure enlargement of liver and spleen, Hepatitis A and B and in the prevention of Hepatitis C.
  2. It has proven its efficiency in treating skin disease like psoriasis, leprosy and scabies.
  3. It is also used as a folk medicine to stop bleeding caused by snake bites.
  4. The anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, hepatoprotective and anti viral properties makes Keezhanelli invaluable among the medicinal herbs.
  5. Keezhanelli is also used to treat kidney stones, urinary discharge, bronchitis, anemia, asthma, hiccups, blood disorders and even malaria.
  6. Unani medicine system also uses this herb for the treatment of severe dysentery.
  7. This valuable herb has diuretic and cell protective properties.


The curative property of this herb has helped mankind since ages and made it an important part of the Siddha system. The traditional and home remedies also include the use of this herb as an important ingredient.

  • For Jaundice: The paste of Keezhanelli powder, onion, turmeric powder and cardamom powder, mixed with buttermilk when taken in the morning empty stomach is said be effective in treating and curing jaundice. The root of the plant when grounded and administered with fresh milk cures jaundice quickly. The juice of this plant is given in doses of 10ml to 20ml two to three times a day.
  • Liver & Eye problems: Adding one tea spoon of Keezhanelli powder to warm water and consuming it empty stomach is said to cure liver and eye problems.
  • For Ulcers and Wounds: The powder of this plant is made into a paste with gruel water and applied to ulcers and wounds, heals the wounds and ulcers quickly.
  • Diabetes: The decoction prepared out of this herb by boiling the plant is said to be very helpful in treating diabetes.
  • Skin Diseases: The leaves of this plant when grounded with salt can be applied to cure skin diseases like scabies.
  • Other benefits: The juice of this plant is recommended to be taken in doses of 45 to 50 ml early in the morning empty stomach to treat menorrhagia, leucorrhea, gonorrhea and other urinary complaints.

Keezhanelli (Phyllanthus Niruri) is widely used for treating liver ailments such as fatty liver and Hepatitis, the herb is also found to be equally effective in treating many other diseases.  The use of this herb is highly recommended in Ayurvedic medicines due to the remarkable effect it has shown over the years.

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