Unlocking Nature's Bounty: The Holistic Benefits of Adathodai (Malabar Nut or Adulsa) 1

Unlocking Nature’s Bounty: The Holistic Benefits of Adathodai (Malabar Nut or Adulsa)

A Natural Healing Marvel In the vast treasure trove of nature’s remedies lies an unassuming shrub known as Adathodai (Adhatoda vasica), celebrated for centuries in the realm of Ayurvedic medicine. Commonly referred to as Malabar nut or Adulsa, this plant, flourishing across Tamil Nadu, has garnered attention for its diverse potential health benefits, ranging from respiratory wellness to immune system fortification. Respiratory Health Champion At…

Amazing Arugampul

Arugampul is a favorite herb of many, used extensively in Southern India. It is a simple yet amazing herb that helps to improve the the overall health.   Ref: 1 Ref: 2 Ref: 3 Ref:4

Nochi, Nirgundi, Vitex Negundo

Nochi – The Amazing Herb

Nochi – ( Nirgundi – Vitex negundo ): Nochi or Nirgundi as it is commonly called is native to Eastern and Southern Africa and Asia. It is found throughout Indian Subcontinent and can be easily identified by its light purple flowers borne in panicle inflorescence. Nochi is called by different names in different parts of India. In English the shrub is called Chinese Chaste tree, chaste…

Kadukkai - The Universal Panacea 22

Kadukkai – The Universal Panacea

Kadukkai or Haritaki, popularly known as Harde is considered as a panacea in Ayurveda. According to the legend, the plant came to life when a drop of nectar fell from the cup of Lord Indra. Its five-flavored rasa (taste) is known to work against all three doshas namely, Vatha, Pitha and Kaba. Besides being a trusted home remedy, kadukkai has immense potential to cure a wide…

Vallarai – The Brain Tonic 23

Vallarai – The Brain Tonic

Vallarai has been used as a brain tonic for ages and also has many other medicinal uses which makes it a wonder herb. Vallarai has been used as a medicine in the Ayurvedic tradition of India for thousands of years and listed in the ‘Sushruta Samhita’, an ancient Indian medical text. Vallari is known to re-vitalize the brain and nervous system, increase attention span and concentration,…

Vilvam - The Wonder Herb 24

Vilvam – The Wonder Herb

Vilvam or Aegle marmelos commonly known as Bael is considered to be the most sacred plant in India. It is an inevitable part of religious rituals and has been used in ancient Indian medicines Siddha and Ayurveda from ages. Vilvam is native to India and is found throughout the country. The plant is commonly known as Bael, Bilva, Stone Apple or wood apple. Vilvam is…

Nilavembu - King of bitters 25

Nilavembu – King of bitters

Since ancient times Nilavembu (A. paniculata ) has been used as a traditional remedy for treating various ailments in Siddha and Ayurvedic systems of medicine as well as in tribal medicine, Unani, Homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly known as Kirayat in Hindi and as Andrographis or King of bitters in english. In Ayurveda it is called Kalmegh or Kalamegha, meaning “dark cloud”. Most vernacular names of Andrographis come from its…

Thoothuvalai – A Remarkable Respiratory Remedy 26

Thoothuvalai – A Remarkable Respiratory Remedy

As newer luxuries, habits and short-cuts come up in life, so does newer diseases and health conditions. But nature keeps astonishing us by proving to be that pharmacist who thought and acted well ahead of his time! Thoothuvalai is one such great gift kept aside for us by our Mother Nature. Thoothuvalai, known by its botanical name Solanum Trilobatum and commonly called in English as…

Keezhanelli - The Liver Tonic 27

Keezhanelli – The Liver Tonic

Health is considered as the greatest wealth and Liver plays an important role in maintaining overall health and stability. Liver is also the vital organ for detoxification. When toxins get accumulated in the liver due to bad eating habits, drinking and use of excess medicines, it is very important to treat or detoxify the organ for effective working and good health. Treating your body with herbs…

Amazing Benefits of Amukkara 28

Amazing Benefits of Amukkara

The Tonic Herb: Herbs are a part of Indian traditional home medicine. They have been used for over a millennium as rasayans, tonics and medicine to improve strength, boost immunity and treat disorders naturally. One such powerful herb is Amukkara. Known by botanists as Withania somnifera, commonly known as Ashwangandha and Indian Ginseng, has been credited with many health benefits. This herb is identified as a…

10 Awesome Benefits of Avarampoo 29

10 Awesome Benefits of Avarampoo

Herbs formed an important part of medicinal treatment and cure in the ancient civilization. Their use, which evolved in the Vedic times, continues into the modern era. Some of these herbs and flowers are found in abundance in some parts of the country especially in the villages of Tamil Nadu. India has always been a tropical country where temperatures touch the sky in summer months.…

Mudakathan, The Marvel Herb 30

Mudakathan, The Marvel Herb

Ayurveda is the oldest discipline of medicine and treatment. Ancient Indians were botanists and environmentalists who were well aware of the healing potential of herbs and remedies made out of them. The uses of these herbs, methods of using and their effects were documented in the Vedas, the sacred texts of Hindus, thousands of years ago. The Tamil system of medicine has incorporated Ayurveda, Unani…

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